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carpool, driving info

Driver: alegria_a
Passengers: ezzie00, rev_blacky, Brandon
Leave: 5-6pm Mon
Return: 9am Wed
2 nights hotel
alegria_a: 425-269-8283
ezzie00: 206-683-4364

Driver: Josh
Passengers: slugsgomoo, wolfie, aquatwo
Leave: 2am Tues
Return: 3am Wed
No hotel
Josh: 206-679-7845
slugsgomoo: 206-850-2785

Driver: Jason
Passengers: lurker, officerheeroyuy, Marisa
Leave: Early Tues
Return: 3am Wed
No hotel

Snow is forecasted for tonight, tomorrow, and tomorrow night across the Cascades. The snow level is 3000 feet, which is low enough to hit Snoqualmie Pass, which you must use on I-90. Please be prepared with chains or snow tires, scrapers, and such so that you have a safe trip over the pass - we don't want to lose anyone! You can check the pass reports here:

You'll have to pay for parking somewhere, and there are two parking garages attached to the mall. According to the website ( it looks like the max parking per day is $7, but since we'll be there a *while* that may not apply. If you're staying at a hotel, parking is free with your stay.
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